About Us

Avalon Spa & Whellness Bodrum

Avalon derives from the word abal, which means "apple" in the Celtic language, the legendary island famous for its apples, mentioned in the legend of King Arthur.
Avalon was first mentioned in the so-called Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kingdoms of Britain) by Monmouth Geoffrey in 1136 as the place where King Arthur was taken to heal his wounds in the last battle of Camlann. According to Geoffrey, Arthur's syllable Ekskaliburn (Excalibur) was also produced in Avalon.
Another meaning of Avalon is "Paradise Garden".
We provide Massage, Traditional Turkish Bath, Spa, Gym, Sauna as Avalon Spa & Whellness.

Who We Are

Welcome to Avalon - the ideal Spa / Hamam of rest, harmony and joy.
A place where concepts like tranquility, serenity, rejuvenation and refreshment take on a whole meaning.
With our dedicated staff here at Avalon we will pamper your senses adn deliver you to a place of peace and serenity.
Our Spa treatments will nurture your body and soul, by fragrant touces,healing adn relaxing, worn out weary souls, from the harsh demands of every day life.

Why Avalon

Our keywords are Quality & Professionality.
We are the only independent, not attachted to a hotel, Spa / Hamam on the Bodrum
At Avalon we offer a range of beauty treatments from Turkish Bath (Hamam), facials, bodywraps, massages to speacial body treatments such as medical massges.
We can offer the guests a beautiful seaview from our Spa, 2 sauna's, 2 steamrooms, jaccuzi and especially a relaxed and professional atmosphere.
We aim to keep tranquility in our complate center so people will feel as being reborn after leaving Avalon.
For you as a representative its really important to feel the atmosphere of Avalon before you start selling the packages to your guests.
To know where we are and what we do.