Bodrum Pilates


Pilates has become an exercise system that is able to give the need of individuals of all ages who want to have a fit body, who want to have a healthy body in their old age, want to shape their body and want to increase muscle mass, not only in the treatment of disabilities, but also in the treatment of disabilities.                                     
Pilates has multiple uses on the body. By teaching to breathe in the first place, it increases the oxygen capacity of the lungs and causes a lot of discomfort due to the inhaling.                                     
With the body and posture analysis performed on the first day of Pilates, all these possible deformations are explained to you in the first trial lesson and your exercise program is removed by telling the shortest path solution. Pilates, as seen from the outside, is not something that must be moved with the ball, or separated by tools or tools. Pilates is a much more effective exercise system, such as fitness or yoga. To implement this system, ancillary equipment such as ball, spring, terabant, Cadillac reformer is used. Pilates is a system that shows you how to use the body when exercising. Thus, even when applying fitness movements, for example, the position of the spine, the state of the body, the feet, etc., protects yourself by paying attention to a lot of care.

bodrum Pilates