Turkish Bath

Traditional Turkish Bath

The history of the bath dates back to the ancient Romans. Excavations in the city of Pompeii, under the ashes after the explosion of the Vesuvius volcano, reveal the baths used by the Romans. In this regard, the Ottoman Empire had a place in the Ottoman culture as much as the traditional Turkish Bath, dilden literature and everyday life. Both women and men would go to bed to bathe. Particularly on Thursday evenings and before the holidays, the eve of the night to go to the hammam, the bathing tradition continues from the past until the day. In addition, "bride bath", "groom bath" and "forty baths" traditions should not be forgotten. During the Ottoman period, the baths were not only places visited for cleaning purposes, but also social life was indispensable. Abdülaziz Bey gives some very interesting information about the bath culture and traditions in the Ottoman Empire in his book titled "Ottoman Manuscripts, Ceremonies and Statements". The bath has not only cleanliness but also internal relaxation and a nevi therapy. We are aiming to provide a unique experience to our esteemed guests as the most prominent company in the basement of the bathhouse.

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